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"My paintings are mostly abstract and imaginary.

I search for a tone and an impact. Light and darkness.


I put the colors and the pigments in layers. 

Forms and surfaces cover or overlapping each other. 


Returning through the layers to rediscover and expose.

Adding, reducing, covering, exposing, over and over again...


The image changes in a living process.Traces, fragments and forms appears...

I explore, reconstruct, arrange and compile.


 I strive to find a balance and a breaking point

when I can leave and make an exit..."



”I mainly work in glass and ceramic. It is about the four elements.


A meeting beween two materials - two temperaments -  two expressions.

Glass is light and color.  Ceramic - surface and structure.

Sometimes other materials are included.

I’m fasinated in the meeting between materials 


I find my themes among archetypes and basic forms.

From the chaos in the process i strive to find order and structure.


Through repetitions and variations I investigate the possibilities and the

limits of the forms and the materials. …”

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